• 2007-05-02

    The Power of Passion - [思维方式]

    Today, I watched NBA PlayOff "Dallas Mavericks VS Golden State Warriors"

    I was impressed by the "Power of Passion"

    In the world of fires competing, who has Passion, who wins.

    I also wonder, why the audience pay 200$ to watch NBA?
    Because life, needs Passion.
    They pay for getting the touch of passion, they need it.

    So if a product can bring users Passion, the price can increase dramatically.
    Of course , these kind of product need Passion to create.

    NBA player create Passion and sell it to others.

    Good Manager create Passion and give it to the team, the team create Passion and inject into the product.
    We should let the user feel our passion by our service model or by our HCI feature.

    Unfortunately, Zozoc is in the worst case, our service can not bring user Passion, our HCI feature doesn't contain any element of Passion, but we still make something great happened by our operation attitude and Fast Cycle Time, we communicate with user frequently, tell them we care them, we make commitment and fullfill it on time to earn trust from user.

    After realize the Power of Passion, I feel the pressure of injecting more innovation into our service model and HCI features with Passion element.