• 2007-04-16

    Leadership - [做事方法]

    There are 3 levels of Leadership, they should be in right sequence, but people often inverse them.

    1.Lead by Example:
         The first stage when you join a team, you should earn trust from your team mates, setting up a good example by yourself is the best way. Make yourself reliable , creditable. Remember, no trust, no lead.

    2.Lead by Others:
         Delegate work to your team mates. You shuold know well about every one, trust him after you assign a job to anyone. Don't left behind your team working without any guide, you should help them grow strong enough to work independently. Help everyone build their own leadership.

    3.Lead by Vision:
         Strong as you are, the team can work perfectly without your help anymore. The only reason they follow you, is that you can bring them a clear vision, bright future and exciting life.