• 2007-04-13

    How to present to VC - [沟通技巧]

    1) focus on the customer acquisition plan.
          Feature roadmap that ties very well with the acquisition plan. Innovate features that lead to acquire customers at lowest possible costs.

    2) customer feedback
           talk to your customers and present this data as part of your presentation

    3) cost/charging
          figure out how you would make your revenues? how much on advertisments, how much on commissions.

    4) no more than 7 slides and make sure you answer the questions
          a) what problem are you trying to solve
          b) who are you trying to solve it for
          c) what's your key innovation

    5) Tell us what you are going to do with the money in the first year - Go Live plan that leads to revenue generation.

    6) Do appropriate market research of your user segment and marketand keep the data ready for answering any related questions.

    7) While presenting to your VC focus on above, presenting the algorithms and technical details of implementation might not add value in this case.